Accessory Products
"Good Health" Kit
This handsome,
useful sports sack
comes with the
Good Health
Playbook - chock
full of  info about
how your body
works and great
tips on good
grooming and
looking good. It's
also a good bag for
your gear!
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information on the
different changes to
expect as you grow into an
Good Words to Know about
your body, hygiene and other stuff that
"Changing & Growing Program"    
for schools, hospitals & communities.
Parents Page

IAGB2's mission
is to help parents and
educators provide
adolescents with a
foundation of information
that will keep them on a
path of wellness and safety
as they transition into young

goal is to alleviate the
anxiety associated with
puberty thereby enabling
children to better focus on
school and academics.   

strategy is to provide
children with accurate and
appropriate information
related to the physical,
emotional, and social
changes they are
experiencing during puberty.