• Using your own calendar, go to the month that you
    first get your period and begin entering your period
    cycle information.  For example,  if you got your
    period January 2nd,  you would mark that date as
    Day 1 of your period.  

  • Count ahead 28 days, and write in an X to mark that
    as the date to expect your next period.   

  • Put a Heart on the day you actually get your period
    and begin counting again.

  • In between these dates , mark any physical signs
    such as bloating, tender breasts, headaches or
    tiredness.  Also chart any emotions, or moods you
    are feeling such as cranky, sad, happy, tired and

  • Put a Yellow Dot  on the days you see discharge.
    This is usually the middle of your cycle and your
    body is getting ready to menstruate in 10 – 12 days.  

  • Your moods will start to become more intense and
    your body will start to show some physical signs as
    you get closer to your next period. You will feel a
    certain way BEFORE your period (the dreaded PMS)
    and absolutely, totally different after you have your
How To Track Your Personal Period Cycle
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