The Parent Communication Workshop                

  • Barriers to Good Parent/Child Communications
  • Addressing the “What If” Problem: (For example: “What if I don't know
    the answer.  What if they ask me a question I do not want to answer?”)
  • How to Be a Resource for Your Child
  • How to Stay Connected

                 Workshop for Mother/Caregiver & Daughter                                      
  • Overview of Puberty Changes – A Refresher Course
  • First Period – What to Expect
  • Staying Prepared
  • PMS

                Workshop for Father/Caregiver & Son                                                
  • How Boys & Girls Grow Differently Through Puberty
  • Body Types
  • Steroids
  • Health Concerns
  • Managing Anger
  • The 3 Rs
The Changing & Growing Family Program
for Parents and Caregivers
 Workshops are designed to:               
  • Help parents and caregivers engage
    in the health education process of
    their children.
  • Support the lessons and subjects
    covered in their children's health ed
  • Promote and validate the fact that
    parents/caregivers are a child's
    biggest influence.
  • Help schools relieve any parental
    anxiety associated with sexual
    education in schools.
  • Uniquely assist single parents who
    are raising children of the opposite
Parents will learn how to:        
  • Understand the changes
    their child will experience
    as they grow from child to
  • Be a resource for their
  • Effectively communicate
    with and manage their
  • Establish strong bonds
    that will support them in
    the teen years.
Workshops and Sample Topics:
Program Focus:  
  • Provide parents with an opportunity to be part of their child’s
    introduction to puberty and sex education.
  • Promote the important role that parents play in their child’s
  • Teach how to identify opportunities for meaningful dialog and
    establish bonds with pre-teens.
  • Help parents help their children manage and deal with the
    overwhelming influence of the media on the pace and quality
    of their sex education.
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