How to Measure for a Bra
    In front of a mirror use a measuring
    tape to measure your breasts.

    1.  Measure your rib cage directly
    under your bust and add 5.  If you get
    an odd # add 1 to even it.  Write this
    number down.

    2.  Measure around your breast at the
    fullest part. Write this number down.

    If band size   = cup size you are an
    AA; 1” bigger then band size is an A;  
    2” =B, 3” =C, 4” = D.
For Starters:

  • You decide when and if you want to wear a bra.

  • The main purpose of a bra is comfort and support.

  • Don’t be embarrassed to ask about bras – it’s normal.

  • Talk to your mother or guardian and explain your decision to wear a bra.

  • Keep it private.
Bra Sizes
  • It is not always easy to
    find the  right bra.  Your
    bra size combines a
    number and a letter.  For
    example, you may be a
    32 AA.  

  • The number refers to the
    size of your rib cage (30,
    32, 34, 36, 38, 40, etc.).  
    This is called the band
    or body size.

  • The letter refers to the
    size of the Breast or cup
    size (AAA, AA, A, B, C,
    D, etc). It is called the
    cup size.
All About Bras...
Types of Bras:
  1. The first bra you'll use.  
    Training bras (cup sizes AAA
    to A) help you get  used to  
    wearing a bra.
  2. Sports bras will hold you
    breasts snuggly so that they
    don’t bounce around during
  3. Soft cup bras are soft and
    flexible but can provide
    support for smaller breasted
    girls. They are very
  4. Under wire bras are for
    larger breasted girls who may
    need extra support. This bra
    has a curved wire sewn to the
    bottom of each cup.
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