Angela Welsh, VP-Creative & Development  
    Angela brings 20+ years experience in the marketing and licensing fields and holds a B.A. Liberal Arts from Hampshire College,
    studied at the Art Students League in NYC.  At I’m All Girl, she found the perfect opportunity to blend her artistic talents and
    humanitarian interests. She is responsible for all the visual elements of the “The Changing & Growing Program” taking great care to
    design products that are age-appealing and age-appropriate,  ensuring maximum student engagement and subject matter
    retention.  Angela has succeeded in creating a unique IAG look setting a firm foundation for future brand development.

    Angela lives in on the west coast of Florida with her husband and a menagerie that includes 2 dogs and 2 cats.
    John Russo, Consultant and IAG Presenter
    John has been a critical part of IAG&BT since the beginning acting as both a teacher but also contributing to the development of all
    our boys' programs.   

    John brings an energy and sense of excitement  to every class he teaches.  He has a way of communicating with the boys and
    infusing a sense of well-being and safety, allowing them to fully participate and gain the most from the experience.

    -BS in Biology (Biomedical Science) St John's University, Queens, New York.
    -Working on MS Science Education, St. John’s University, Queens, New York.
    - Eight years experience In the education field.  
    - Certified Instructor in the following subjects:   Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Algebra, Global Studies (Grades 9 - 11), Health, Physical
    Education (Grades 1 - 8)

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I'm All Girl (and Boys Too!), Inc.
To help parents and educators provide adolescents with a foundation of information that
will keep them on a path of wellness and safety as they transition into young adults.

To alleviate the anxiety associated with puberty thereby enabling children to better focus on school and academics.   

To provide children with accurate and appropriate information related to the physical, emotional, and social changes they are experiencing
during puberty.

    MaryAnn Keim, President
    Having spent 15 years as a sales professional working for top companies in the New York City region, MaryAnn decided to direct her
    energies and talents in the pursuit of better education options for her two daughters. She started I'm All Girl, Inc. 5 years ago after
    failing to find a product that would help her daughter through puberty. Her 15+ years in sales and working with foundations serve her
    well in her efforts to get good puberty information into the hands of all middle school students. Over the past 3 years, I’m All Girl has
    delivered their “ Changing & Growing Program” to schools, camps, girl scout meetings and community centers and is working with
    not-for-profit organizations to get the information to children who are at risk and/or in low-income/underserved communities.   
    MaryAnn is committed to educating children and making “The Changing & Growing” Program a critical part of health education..

    MaryAnn lives with her husband, two daughters and a huge dog in a small town on the coast of NYC.